Mr Matthew Brown » Biography


  • Graduated from Chiefland High School (Chiefland, FL).
  • Graduated from the University of Florida in 2017 with a degree in English Literature.
Work Experience
  • Instructed sixth, seventh, and eighth grades in Marion County.
  • Instructed eleventh and twelfth grade at Williston Middle High School.
Outside of Teaching
Outside of the classroom I work as a personal trainer for teenagers, specializing in helping them develop talents in obstacle courses and team sports. Prior to arriving at Belmont Academy, I was the head coach of the Williston Red Devils Middle School baseball team as well as an assistant coach with our Varsity baseball team that won the 1A state championship in 2019!
As a former soldier, I believe in working as a team to help each other develop as both students and as human beings. I believe that students learn better from one another and believe in incorporating student driven discussions. I focus on developing a strong and effective vocabulary as well as public speaking skills in the classroom that will help them develop as a person in their future lives.