Heather Petersen » Biography


Academic Credentials
Florida Gateway College
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
M.Ed. in Exceptional Student Education
Gifted Endorsed
Reading Endorsed
Career Highlights
Mrs. Petersen's love of teaching came from being a mother and working with children at church. She learned she loved to inspire children in their journey to finding their passion for learning. She has worked with students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. She has learned students, no matter the age, bring a joy to those around them that cannot be found anywhere else.
Personal Profile
Mrs. Petersen is beginning her 5th year at Belmont. She is married and has five remarkable children. She loves spending time with her family more than anything else. She also loves to sing, read a great historical novel, play sports, and relax at the beach. She loves living in her small town on a quiet stretch of land and teaching at such an amazing school.