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Pre-K Mrs. Roehr

Belmont Academy  

Pre-K Supply List 2022-2023


1 MEAD, Five Star “Stay-Put Pocket and Prong Folder”, Durable (hard plastic), 

two pocket homework folder, lasts all year.

Boys: cobalt blue/ Girls red 

Please do NOT label it with your child’s name. We have special labels for these.                                                                                                                                                    

1 set of Crayola, 24 Twistable Mini Crayons .AVOID set labeled: “extreme colors”, as these are extremely light. You may consider getting a second set for your child’s H.W. assignments. IMPORTANT: No markers or pens allowed for H.W. assignments. Fiction and nonfiction colors – assigned for H.W. 

1 Box, 3 count disposable wipes (refills)

2 Tissue boxes 

1 Large size bag of napkins (100 count)

Norcom Drawing Pad/Sketch Pad, 18 x 12 Inches, heavyweight, 40

Full size non-rolling backpack, big enough for your child to easily fit their homework     folder and jacket. H.W. folder’s measurements: 4.0x3.0x2.0 

         Unless your child’s backpack is engraved, please label it with your child’s name on the 

         back or strap in permanent marker

Lunch box with handle (non-metallic), big enough to hold the thermos bottle in an upright position and snack container(s) for your child to easily zip.

We want to make it as easy and pleasant as possible for your little one to start and end their school day. Upon arrival and dismissal your child shall place/pick up their lunchbox, backpack, and H.W. folder from three separate places.  

         All students are to carry their lunchbox in their hand. Not inside or attached to their

         backpack. A lunchbox that will stand on its own and without a strap is ideal


A 10 to 14 oz. SELF SEALING, SPILL PROOF water bottle/thermos for your child to easily fit inside their lunchbox. Please, do NOT place inside any of the backpack’s side pockets. Again, upon arrival backpacks and lunchboxes are stored in different places. 

Full Day VPK Only - “Original (Roll-Up) Nap Mat with Pillow for Toddler Boys and Girls”, Measures 50 x 20 with removable pillow.  Needs to have velcro close and carry handle.       Can be found on Amazon 

Please “DO NOT” send or allow your child to bring: fold up vinyl covered foam style nap mats, extra blankets or towels, sleeping bags, mermaid tails, pillows, stuffed animals, squishies,toys, etc. 

Please bring all items (excluding backpack and lunchbox) inside a large bag, labeled 

with your child’s name on Meet the teacher day!